Inspiration is universal

The internet is funny. There are these fads going around the internet, like right now, these paper stars, and I am starting to wonder if there is this general consciousness that a lot of people share between them. Binka often posts videos and inspirational things I have seen just days or weeks before, Caroline Maria just started posting about these paper stars last week, while I have been having a small glass on my desk folding them for weeks now between homework. Where does this commonness come from? I know sometimes people complain about other people copying them and whatnot, but after years of being overprotective of my work, I have just come to the conclusion that “nothing is original”, “do what you like”, “just do it” because “we all have one common mind” anyway. This is the way it works. We are one big family inspiring others and being inspired ourselves.

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  1. Maria G. says:

    De var jo søte da 🙂 Jeg har merket det litt med musikk, av og til finner jeg en mindre spilt låt, som plutselig blir “oppdaget” og spilt overalt. Det er bare sært.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      De er veldig kjekke å lage når man trenger en liten pause fra alle leksene 🙂 Så artig med musikken også. Samme med film – jeg har sett en film, og plutselig skriver 3 andre om samme film, selv om den ikke er ny eller kjent i det hele tatt. Merkelig…

  2. ken says:

    “we all have one common mind”
    totally agree with you!
    there are so many things we will know by ourselves without explaination or teaching from others.
    for example….we knew common games and words when we were children. and then play together.
    It seems that there is common mind in the world — universal.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Yes! That is why I wonder when people almost are over-protective of their work and ideas. Obviously sometimes people blatantly copy others, but other times I wonder with myself why people think they are the only person capable of coming up with a particular idea.

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