Mobile pics photo dump 7

Random mobile / web pictures from the latest weeks! Speaking of – Any ideas how I am going to cut my hair? I have no idea what to do with it now. It is too long or too short…  Can’t quite figure it out. Growing it out is not really an option, because I am going back to Japan next month, and my hair turns flat and awful if I try to grow it long. Thinking about just cutting it back in the shape of a perfect a-line bob again, but haven’t quite decided. I am pretty skeptical towards hairdressers in this city, so part of me just want to wait it out and cut it once I am back in Japan. Oh first-world-problems, what to do, what to do…

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Make something beautiful every day 26/365


No time, so tossing stuff together in Polyvore makes me a happy camper and creates the illusion that one is being creative. I should get an award for worst blogger of the year these days. I have no excuse, except that there is too much schoolwork to get done, and too little time to waste on the internet. I am not complaining though, I love when I get into a wonderful workflow and time seems to fly by. Hope you all have a wonderful November so far!

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