Even more pictures from Shanghai

Here is a ton of pictures of Shanghai’s skyline at night. I realize there is a lot of pictures here, but I thought they were all so pretty I had a hard time choosing between the different ones. It felt like something taken directly out of a scifi.

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More pictures from Shanghai

In Shanghai, Hello Kitty is made of gold.

And our hotel was so luxurious and nice. This was right in front of the elevator on our floor.

And then, after eating only Chinese food, we spotted a Pizza Hut and actually ate lunch there. I like to try to avoid eating at places like McDonalds and such when you are travelling to all kinds of amazing places with amazing local foods, but we were hungry and it was conveniently located. I don’t think I have been to a Pizza hut in maybe 8 years, but it was actually really good. Much better than I remember it being.

In China Hello Kitty wears communist gear.

Super-duper nice dumplings. We walked for 45 minutes to find this dumpling place, but they were extremely good and they tasted unlike all other kinds of dumplings I have eaten. I was still pretty full from lunch, so I could only eat one of them, but it was still worth the walk.

I don’t think the picture truly captures how big the Cartier sign was. Across the road there was an Apple store with an equally big sign.

Our holiday in Shanghai was quite jazzy. We spent the evenings in jazz bars listening to talented people. I am still in awe over how good these people were. I knew it was going to be decent, but they were really talented.

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Shanghai Sightseeing Tunnel


Here is the video I took when we went on the silly and sparkly sightseeing tunnel in Shanghai. It was, well, interesting. And sparkly.

I should also mention that this is the first time I have ever opened iMovie, and just being able to add music to a video felt like an accomplishment. I also figured that I from time to time want to upload little movies (from Japan), so I made a youtube channel. Subscribe or befriend me if you want to ♥

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A big statue of Chen Yi right in front of our hotel. There was not much signs of communism apart from internet cencorship and various statues. I thought it was quite interesting that the statues are still standing. Well, obviously they are still standing, but I remember going on holiday through Eastern Europe, and a lot of the old communist statues there have been torn down, so it was really neat to see a country where all the statues are still standing and in great condition.

On the left, our hotel. On the right, one of the many walkways in Pudong.

Pudong by day. The night scene with the lights are absolutely amazing, pictures to follow in a later post.

A floating golden pagoda!

And in the middle of all the concrete, a little shrine. I love the contrasts.

We then had noodles for lunch, followed by…

…Starbucks. Still not convinced by Starbucks, their coffee is so incredibly mediocre to me. Maybe they have some special things on the menu that I have not tried yet? It seems a lot of other people love Starbucks, and if you do, please recommend a drink or two from their menu that does not taste like overheated milk with traces of mediocre espresso beans. Please. That being said, Starbucks beats most of the common Japanese coffee chains any day.

And then we took this incredibly silly but very cute tunnel that went from Luwan to Pudong. It seems to me like China is trying to be all fancy and high-tech and glamorous at times, but it doesn’t quite give the same feeling of high-class as fancy-high-class Japanese? Maybe I am wrong here, I have had far more time exploring Tokyo, so I assume that a short week in Shanghai can not really capture the true essence of the city. There is tons of good stuff about China as well, people here are outgoing and not afraid to try to talk to you, and it makes me feel less worried and less self-conscious when everyone else is just kind of whatever.


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The Bund in Shanghai

Shanghai is big and kind of crazy. A lot of people speaking very loud everywhere, and since I can not understand what they are saying they all sound so angry to me, but I bet they are just excited and happy for the most part. Yesterday we spent the day walking around the Bund in Shanghai. Semi-fancy shopping malls, with a lot of the same brands that I have seen in Norway, actually. There are far more brands here that I recognize from Norway than there is in Japan. Only, Jack and Jones, Vero Moda, sandwich_, Mango…

Our hotel room comes with an espresso machine, and the espresso was actually half-decent.

Nothing I have seen looks like a communist country (apart from the Internet censorship), but a lot of the buildings are kind of old style and almost look European to me. I guess that it is quite different than Tokyo, where they tear everything down and build it up again every 40 years or so to earthquake-proof everything. Here there is still lots of old and pretty buildings.

We ate dim sum for lunch, and the rice-dish above was really tasty. It was like mochi without the mochi.

Our hotel corridor and a random building which I thought looked fancy. Everything there looks like it could be taken out of Metropolis or Blade runner.

For dinner we had szechuan food. I knew it would be spicy, but wow. We only ordered things with no peppers or one pepper indicated on the menu, but…

…this is what 1 single pepper indicated on the menu. A LOT of chili. And it was really good, but my mouth was on fire. Nobody spoke English in the restaurant, so it was pretty much just point and choose. When we ordered wine, there was absolutely no pictures and no English, and knowing a little bit of Japanese kanji doesn’t help at all in this kind of situation. All the wines were Chinese, and we ended up with a pretty bad red Chinese wine, but I suppose it could have been a lot worse.

We managed to order some vegetables without any chilli though!

And this is what the food looked like after we had digged through the chili for the meat and greens. I think it is the spiciest thing I have ever ordered.

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Shanghai baby!

Good news:

  • We are in Shanghai. The lineup at Narita airport in Japan was crazy, but everyone is really good at standing in line.
  • The hotel room is absolutely gorgeous and extravagant, and I think it is the nicest hotel room I have ever stayed in. (Pictures to follow.)
  • There is complimentary internet, and I have access to both my email and my webpage.

Bad news:

  • A lot of the webpages I frequent are blocked. Facebook, youtube, twitter, bloglovin, blogspot… So surfing the internet is kind of a limited experience.
  • I am trying to think that I am on holiday and all is fine and dandy, but I feel such sadness in my heart for the poor people in Japan who are affected by the recent affairs. I very rarely cry over a country, but I my heart feels heavy for Japan.

I think we all need a break if we can manage to have one though, and I am lucky enough to get such a break right now. So I will try to enjoy my week in Shanghai. (Before I return to Tokyo.) Now that I know my computer is working from here, I can even blog. However, if you are friends with me on facebook (or any other place) I am not sure I will bother trying to access the pages by proxy. Maybe living facebook-free for a week will be a nice experience. I am available through sushibird.com and also via email for the ones who know me.

In general terms though, and I am very sorry if I offend any Chinese people (or China-loving people) that might read this, but I really do not think China is my cup of tea the same way that Japan is. That being said, I have only been here for a day. And that being said, I have other friends who LOVE China and have minimal interest in Japan, so I guess the taste differs a lot from person to person. I am not trying to say China is not nice, because it is, it is just very different than what I am used to. I know that people who are not that interested in Asia think that all East Asian countries are similar, but oh my god, the differences! (For me it would be to compare say… Norway and Spain?) I will make a separate post about the differences between Japan and China when I have actually been here a bit longer. So far, people here are kind of loud and have no sense of the 30 cm of personal space I am used to, and they stare. I thought I was not going to be stared at having dark hair at all, but I guess the foreigner-factor still counts for me, despite my dair hair.

But all is well and dandy in Lala-land, and now I am going out to take some pictures and eat some food and try to forget about the rest of the world.

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