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A couple of days before New Year’s Eve, we went to Asakusa.

I know there is always lots of people there, but this time of year it was just insane. All the shops around here sells lots of souvenirs to the tourists, and it is really a mishmash of nice things and things with the stamp “made in China” all over them. I wish I could take pictures of the actual stalls, but taking pictures of stalls and shops in Japan is generally not allowed.

This year it is Usagi year! (Year of the rabbit!)

The entrence to Sensō-ji, the temple.

Big pagoda! Big lantern!

I wish it would show in the image just how incredibly large this was.

I love all the small pink and white balls that were hanging everywhere in front of the shops and in the streets.

Afterward, we went to eat, and I had some delicious Thai noodles. The noodles on top were fried, and there were regular noodles underneath in a soup that reminded me of Tom kha gai soup.

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  1. åh, eg har lyst til japan!! 🙂

  2. Era says:

    I’m loving these very stylistic Japanese buildings, and their intricate level of details. They’ve got soul!

    …and the food looks great, Thai or no. Do they have any food over there that DOESN’T look like a bowl of awesome?

  3. martine says:

    elsker denne bloggen din,har ikke fulgt den så lenge,men har forelsket meg i alle bildene dine og synes rett og slett den er fantastisk å følge med på! du er utrolig flink til å ta bilder:)

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Tusen takk. Jeg har ikke hatt den så lenge heller – bloggen blir en uke gammel i dag! Jeg tenkte lenge at jeg hadde lyst til å starte en blogg, men det er alltid skummelt å vite hvor man skal starte, men nå slengte jeg meg ut i det, og jeg tror det går bra så langt.

  4. Ori says:

    Your blog makes me so natsukashii for Japan! I lived there for a short five months but it was the most incredible five months of my life. I miss it so.

    I hope you are enjoying your time there!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Wow, you lived in Japan? Where did you live and what did you do? How is your Japanese? And I am really enjoying Japan, every day I can see something new. Hopefully keeping a blog will make me get around a bit more and do more things with my time.