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New Year's resolutions

(Made for illustrationfriday.com – “resolutions”)

I don’treally believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I think it is a good time of year to think of what you want to get better at the next year. Below – my list over things I would like to improve in 2011.

  1. Talk less, listen more.
  2. Smile more.
  3. Surprise people randomly.
  4. Make something beautiful every day.
  5. Tell people I love them.
  6. Stay in the moment.
  7. Stop feeling so god damn hazukashii.

What’s yours?

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    • Sushi Bird says:

      Jeg har sett denne, den er veldig fin. Og det er mye sant i det – men jeg tror jeg er litt som henne, så det vil bli en skikkelig gatekamp. 🙂