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Yesterday we went to Yokohama. It is so close, and yet I have only been there one time before.

My day started like this: We do not have a TV. I was awoken by TV-sounds. I was confused. Turns out that there is a special tournament on TV, and someone wanted to watch it – so she got a TV from a friend – borrowed a TV, and I was actually kind of happy hearing the TV sounds in the morning. Mjuk start på dagen.

Yokohama always seems very European to me – lots of strange European-looking buildings right in between all the Japanese ones.

Yes sir, if I had anything to say to you.

There is a lot of land around the Yokohama bay that is just… …empty? A very strange sight to me.

This is the observation tower (横浜ランドマークタワー,). 69 floors tall, and with an elevator that takes you from ground level to 69th floor in 40 seconds, and goes 45.0 km/h.

Yokohama looks like yet another toy city. I love to look at all the tiny buildings from above. I like pretend that I am flying, floating, so I learn towards the glass of whatever observatory I am in, and pretend that there is no ground below me.

I was in this Ferris wheel last summer!

This is the cutest heart in Yokohama. Lovers can write their little note on a small sheet, and attach it to this big heart in the observatory. When I was here in July, the big heart was almost empty, and now – it is completely covered in little love notes. There are a lot of happy couples in Japan 🙂

I admit it – the only reason why I took the above pictures was to test my new camera. I love it. It captures tones and shadows in a really great way, so simply to entertain myself I included these two pictures in my post.

On the left: We walked through a car dealership – and right in the middle of all the modern fancy cars – this poor guy was parked. I felt bad for him, so I took his picture to make him feel better. On the right: Yokohama at night.

The picture above reminds me of something out of a sci-fi movie, with lots of light-strobes and special effects.

I still get amazed – Yokohama is supposed to be small – but there were lights all over the horizon.

We went to dinner at a super-nice Italian restaurant after we had been to the observatory tower. This was on the fifth floor of the shopping mall connecting the observatory tower and the shopping mall at the bottom. I had no expectations, but the food was really good, the service was excellent, and it was a really nice dinner experience. It was still early in the day so we just had mango juice and coke.

Look, real cutlery! (Yes, I get happy about these kinds of things.)

For dessert we shared gelato. Well, the menu said it was gelato, but it was actually sorbetto. It was really nice sorbetto though. The tastes were grapefruit, strawberry, kiwi and lemon. I almost never eat desserts, and this one was about as much as I could handle. Besides – it looked really pretty ♥

My mom wanted me to take a picture of the Hard Rock Cafe guitar. I have only been to one Hard Rock cafe – in Niagara, and I was not very impressed, but their sign still looks good.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Haha, cutlery with a chopstick rest. Never seen that before.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I was kind of thinking that was neat. I actually did not react much to it at all, maybe the assimilation process is finally starting to work.