JLPT signup time once again…

It is time to sign up for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) again! I am going to sign up for the N3 now. My classmates are signing up for the N2, but I highly doubt that I will pass that one at this point, so one step at the time, I think. My goal now before July is to write as much grammar as I can to get as close to 100% of N3, and study the kanji that goes with it. It is such a hassle, the book we are using at school for kanji right now is the entire N2 kanji, so there is actually a quite a few N3 kanji I do not know. I have so much homework I am wondering how I will have time to study the N3 kanji on top of all the other school work. Sure that will be a lot of fun. N2 will have to wait until December for my sake, I think. これから、頑張りましょう!

Anyone else taking the JLPT?

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