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愛燦燦 美空ひばり

Ok, the video part of this video is just pictures of flowers, but the song! Omg, the song. I think I have a new favorite song. I love Hibari Misora, but I do not know all of her songs, but yesterday I heard this song again and actually got the title, and went straight home and looked it up on youtube. And omg. The text. So beautiful. I turned into this big blobby sappy thing, crying and smiling and whatnot. I realize I sometimes I have musical taste like someone’s grandmother, but I don’t really care.

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬「雨 潸々と この身に落ちて わずかばかりの運の悪さを 恨んだりして 人は哀しい 哀しいものですね それでも過去達は 優しく睫毛に憩う 人生って 不思議なものですね 風 散々と この身に荒れて 思いどおりにならない夢を 失くしたりして 人はかよわい かよわいものですね それでも未来達は 人待ち顔して微笑む 人生って 嬉しいものですね 愛 燦々と この身に降って 心秘かな嬉し涙を 流したりして 人はかわいい かわいいものですね ああ 過去達は 優しく睫毛に憩う 人生って 不思議なものですね ああ 未来達は 人待ち顔して微笑む 人生って 嬉しいものですね」♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Yesterday was a lot of fun btw, we went to Chiba for the evening. Go inaka! Chiba is the prefecture next to Tokyo in the east, and among other things Disneyland and Narita airport are in Chiba. Still, I have never really been much in Chiba, apart from trips to the airport and trips to Disneyland. Anyhow, we ate sushi and drank some sake at the sushi-bar, went to a bar that my partner used to go to from about 18 years ago, and everyone in the bar was old enough to be my parents, or grandparents. Hohum. They were singing karaoke and drinking shōchū, and we sang too, in the middle of drinking sake and smoking too many cigarettes. Oh joy. Life is grand, and I feel like I just consumed about 10 cans like this:

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  1. Gitte says:

    Å, det høres ut som en herlig kveld og en herlig følelse! : D
    Jeg hadde en skikkelig fin fredag her forleden: Jeg møtte igjen en venninne som har vært i Kambodsja de fire siste månedene, og vi drakk kaffé mocha, så på kjoler og spiste sushi ute i finværet. Lykke! ^^