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♩♪人はかよわい かよわいものですね ♬♫

This is what I love most about Japan. The fact that you can turn down a side street and all of a sudden find yourself on temple grounds. This temple is right in between Shinjuku san-chome and ni-chome. If you have ever been to the Golden Gai, it is right next that street.

Tokyo smells really nice these days. Fresh and clean and silent.


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  1. Samhain Moon says:

    You really do see some beautiful things! I wish I was as motivated to continue with my blog as you are!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Thank you so much! It really varies a lot from day to day for me, some days I just want to sit and post for hours, but other days like today I can not think of a single good thing to write or post. I guess it is pretty normal to have your motivation go up and down, no?