Recent eats

Look at the size of this thing! It isn’t mine, but when we went out a couple of days ago, someone at the same table ordered this one. I am still just completely in awe over the actual size of this thing. The place we were at was called “Lock-up”, and it is a prison/monster/haunted house theme restaurant, where the staff runs around and scare you once an hour.

And later this week we made burger at home. If you haven’t tried avocado on your burger, you totally should, it tastes superb!

And then I had a Sundae cup even though it wasn’t Sunday.

And impromptu snack plates when a friend popped over before heading out. I was surprised we actually had enough food in the fridge to put anything on the table. Speaking of nothing, the ham there is Japanese cured ham, and it tastes almost like prosciutto, but for about 1/3 of the price of prosciutto. WIN!

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