Make something beautiful every day 14/365

Another long stoppage in the 365 project, but I will just take it at my own pace and eventually I will finish. I am good at perseverance, although I might be slow at times. I have always loved repetitive patterns, and I have been dieing to know the secret to how to make them perfect and seamless for quite a few years now, and because of the wonderful magic of the internet, I now know how to do it. Not a master at it yet, but practice makes perfect. I wanted to make some wrapping papers with repetitive patterns, just pure line art in black and white, and this is what came out of it. I have been thinking about graphic prints for t-shirts, I love them on everyone else, but would never wear such t-shirts myself, so I feel it is kind of a waste to start producing things you can not wear yourself, no?

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  1. Jason Cobill says:

    There’s so much going on here – love it.
    It was worth the wait since your last 365 update. 😉

    You should try silkscreening this onto fabric! Even if you wouldn’t wear it, I bet you know some crafty people who would love to turn it into a bag or a purse or something.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I actually have quite a few entries for the 365 project good to go, but I have to scan them and upload them, and right now the scanner is placed promptly under the bed and seem far far away…

      I think I should rather draw things I like more myself and spend time and effort (and money) printing that up, but I realize that the rest of the world might not have the same taste as me.

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