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We went to Shimokitazawa on Saturday, and despite it being really close, I had never been there before! It was a really cute neighborhood, lots of young people, but not the same type of young people that would find in Shibuya/Harajuku. These young kids were more like the alternative mori-girls and reminded me a lot of the people you would see around Ogikubo and Kichijoji. A bit more quiet and quirky and cute imho. There were lots of cute little back allies with shops filled to the brim with frilly lace dresses.

Look what I spotted on my way to the station! A circus truck!

I have no idea what they are selling in this store, but I suppose it is just as good to not know.

super cute crepe-stand at the entrance to an outside seating area.

Hey mom, this picture is for you! The funny thing is that right next to this bar, there used to be a cafe called “Little Bergen”.

  1. inmasan says:

    Yes, that is funny.I wander who has been there. By the way, if they open “Little Bergen” again I will be back. 🙂 IMS

  2. Ana says:

    wow! amazing photos!! Kisses from Cracow 🙂

  3. Gunvor R says:

    Å så fine bildene er:) Digget det med søte dyrene på veggen! Og sandalbarskiltet. Selger du trykk av noen av dem? Har du eplabutikk forresten?

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Tusen takk skal du ha 🙂 Jeg har ikke epla-butikk akkurat nå, for jeg er jo i Japan, og det blir bare stress å forsøke å sende ting til folk i Norge. Men jeg har store planer om å åpne opp epla-butikk i periodene jeg er i Norge 🙂