Business cards

I made some business cards, I think they turned out cute 🙂 Everyone here is giving out business cards left and right, so sometimes I have been in situations where I have felt a bit silly not having one. Now that’s fixed 🙂

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  1. Angela says:

    ELSKER DEM og ikke minst designet på bloggen din. FANTASTISK <3

  2. Maria says:

    They’re FANTASTIC.

  3. Samhain Moon says:

    OMG! They’re beautiful!

    Those collaging books have really helped you make some amazing things.
    Would you share some of the contents of those books with your readers, if you get the time? : )

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I would love to share more of the books! However, I am a bit unsure about how copyright works in Japan. I kind of know American and European copyright, but Japanese copyright I am a bit unsure about, what is allowed and what isn’t. From what I can read from the back of the book, it is legal to make website layouts, business cards, collage images and digital scrapbooking, menus and so on with the images, but uploading unedited versions of the images to the internet seems to not be allowed (understandably enough). I could always take pictures of a couple of more pages in the book if that is what you meant though?

      • Samhain Moon says:

        Indeed, I’m not asking for whatever you can’t do!
        The images are so much fun, that I -would- like to see what you get to play with!
        Those books are a gold mine, I bet they work wonders for you. : )

        One last time, your business cards are roooockin’!!!!

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