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Make something beautiful every day 17/365

This is the final sketch for three big pictures (each is about 50 x 60 cm) I will start this weekend on canvas. I wanted something Japanese-inspired. To match the furniture we have upstairs I will paint the background red instead, but on screen that just looks awful, so I changed it on the sketch. It might take me a while to project this huge image and redraw all the lines on a larger scale, so I better start while I still have some free time on my hands.

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  1. Gitte says:

    Wow, så fantastisk flott! Jeg blir så fascinert over alle detaljene.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Takk skal du ha… Jeg synes det er så mye enklere å tegne alle delene hver for seg og så sette dem sammen, enn å tegne hele sulamitten på en gang. Nå ser det dog ut som om jeg må gjøre det nå når jeg skal tegne dem opp igjen på lerret. Sukk, mye jobb som venter!

  2. Jason Cobill says:

    Wonderful! What a gorgeous piece!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Thank you! I just have to actually get down to painting this thing now, I have to have it done by August!

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