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Okokok, I know I should not buy any more resource books, but then I found this one, and I just had to have it. Beautiful, no? All the images in the book are ready to use high-resolution png and jpg. Instant love.

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  2. I was just drooling over this book at the bookstore a couple days ago! haha
    There are so many different ones that I can’t decide which one to buy! How do you choose?

    Victoria Marie


    • Sushi Bird says:

      I know, there are so many cute ones out there right now. I just went to the bookstore on a full stomach, used plenty of time and actually looked through all the books, and chose the ones with the most pictures in them that I liked. A lot of the books are ok, but not very useful, the ones with illustrator borders and very clip-arty images are probably great resources for some people, but I am not that interested in those. I am generally very picky when it comes to buying stock-books, and I only own three that I actually use. I would love to get another one with sparkles and gemstones, but I haven’t found a book I liked enough yet. If you happen to find something like it, please let me know! 🙂