Raw Zucchini Pasta & Puréed Curry Pumpkin Soup

My escapades in the kitchen continues. Since I am notoriously bad at following recipes down to the last detail, I made my own version of pumpkin soup and raw zucchini pasta. I should start the column “Sushibird cooks / Food for dummies that usually stave right next to the breadbox”. I am, however, slightly proud, because if I can manage to cook these things, anyone can cook. So if you have never cooked before, you can still manage to cook these things. And the huge bonus is that they taste good as well. These dishes are vegetarian and can be made vegan if you substitute the milk products for plant-based ingredients.

Puréed Curry Pumpkin soup

  1. Cut the god damn pumpkin into large pieces, remove the seeds from the middle and the skin from the outside. (I have never cut a pumpkin before, and god lord, you have to use strength. This was the hardest part about this dish, the pumpkin-cutting.)
  2. Boil (or over-boil, doesn’t really matter, luckily for me,) the pumpkin. Minimum 3 minutes, maximum 7ish.
  3. Put pumpkin in food processor together with some sour cream, milk and curry paste. Mix until pureed.
  4. Serve with a dash on sour cream on top! Tamtam! Finished!

Raw Pesto Zucchini Pasta with Olives and Pine Seeds

  1. Buy a couple of zucchinis, wash them of and cut of the outer green layer.
  2. Spend way to much time cutting them into thin, long pasta-like shapes. (Yes, I realize my description of making food makes me sound like a helpless teenager, bear with me, I am trying here.)
  3. Toss said cut up zucchini in a Tupperware, and drench it with a thin pesto sauce and let it sit there for a while.
  4. Take out zucchini, put it on a plate, add some olives, feta cheese and pine seeds. Served cold.
  5. Done.

Hope you enjoyed the recipes! I will add more simple recipes in the future. As always, I am looking for other people’s simple recipes as well, so please do comment if you have any good ones!

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  1. Basje says:

    I would love a cookbook that says “god damn pumpkin” !!! 😀

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Haha, I would as well! I often find that when I read other peoples recipes, everything works out fine and dandy until I reach a a certain point, where the recipe calls to do something I find incredibly difficult or complicated. I really like it when people are honest in their recipes, and don’t say that something is really easy to make, when the reality is that you actually need some prior knowledge of cooking.

  2. Marina says:

    mmm, good idea!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Thank you! But absolutely not my ideas! I just tried to make the simplest versions ever of these two dishes to help out others like myself who seems to have a slight disability in the kitchen 🙂

  3. Ah, you know you’re starting a good recipe, when the first line is “Cut the god damn pumpkin into large pieces”, haha. Looks super yummy though. If they’d only sell pumpkin out here in Norges forjævla bondeland langt til skogs. Ah, yes.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Oh wow, they don’t sell pumpkin in Norway? The truth is, I have never tried to buy a pumpkin in Norway before, but I think I can recall seeing them in “innvandrerbutikker”? I know that my Norwegian friends sometimes make pumpkin soup, so they must get it from somewhere?

      There is a lot of crappy things with the Norwegian stores, but god damn – there are a couple of good things about them as well, things which are even better than in Japan: 1. Cheese. I am a total cheese-o-holic. There is so much cheese in Norway, and you don’t feel like you are paying and arm and a leg. I will eat cheese like a madwoman the next time I am in Norway. 2. Sausages (with eh.. lompe!). I know this is silly, cause I hardly eat sausages, but for some odd reason, there are hardly any sausages in Japan. They have other quality meat, but not sausage. I want do do one of those silly grilling-of-sausages-in-the-park and put them in the potato-cake-things. Yum!

      And I suppose I should also add in the delicious yummy Norwegian coffee! Tim Wendelboe(?) in Oslo, Kaffemisjonen in Bergen… Ahh… Best coffee I have had!

  4. Samhain Moon says:

    Yum! That food photographed so well!

  5. Obsidienne says:

    Yummy, that looks delicious!

    I LOVE zucchini pasta. The raw food movement has made eating veggies more fun than ever! 😀

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I actually liked it a lot better than I thought I would! The zucchini totally behaved more like pasta after it was drenched in sauce then I thought it would. My only problem with this dish is that I prefer less sauce on my pasta, and this one required quite a bit of sauce in order to cover the zucchini. I do like the idea of raw food, I realized that the worst part of cooking for me is the open flames and heat, so I can avoid that with the raw foods, at least.

  6. Nydelig og yummy farge på den pureen!

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