The secret life of things.

My little table at Raptus was a success, despite having a cold. I can buy myself a proper lunch now. (Quite a few proper lunches, actually.) A curious thought; where things have their home.  Almost all the items in the above pictures are sold, scattered around in new homes somewhere, stacked away in closets, hidden in kitchen cabinets and tucked away in jewelry boxes. Made in China, sold in Japan, final resting place; Norway. I feel both envious and fascinated when I realize that quite a few of my things have traveled further than I ever have, and seen places that I will never see. I often look at my clothes, or well, especially down at my shoes, and think that these shoes have been walking the streets of Tokyo, Oslo, Bergen, Toronto… And here they are. On my feet.

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  1. It is a beautiful photo!
    Cute Totoro<3
    Do you like Japan?I am delighted that.

    • Sushi Bird says:


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