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  1. Nora says:

    Hm.. the new lenses make the colors on the photos look a little bright and fainted.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Funny that you should mention that – because I was just looking at your blog, and I thought some of the pictures were a bit dark, so I am wondering if we have different screen settings? What screen do you have? I have a MacBookPro, and the colors seems pretty ok here. I did edit the pictures really light on purpose, but I can still see the details here… I think some PC-screens are lighter than the MacBook-screens. Thanks for the heads up though, I should keep in mind that not all screens display pictures in the same way.

      • Nora says:

        Well this is almost embarrassing cos I always tend to forget uncertain factors such as screen settings. :}

        • Sushi Bird says:

          Haha, doesn’t mean you aren’t right though, I should remember that screens are different as well. I saw some of my pictures on an acer laptop a while back, and I thought the lighter parts were pretty blown out as well!