Mobile pics photo dump 19

Lots of pictures from fall 2012. I played around with a new apple product and took pictures of my face.

I drank coffee from classical cups and walked around Bergen in the freezing cold weather right before the snow fell.

Dromedar, Misjonen and Blom. The holy tri-force 😉

Food at Jacob’s and chrismas lights up in the trees.

Homemade dinner with salmon, and the 4th floor in the Tokyo apartment.

Kanji that I had to remember + cheese and wine and crackers.

More dinner, I ate a lot of salmon last fall.

Shrimp and crab and wine with M.

Wine + M’s new lamp + my new hair + birthday gift.

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  1. Ulrikke says:

    Wow, du er sykt pen!

    SV: Jeg er veldig ivrig med karrien i spaghetti (tomatsaus) og på speilegg/omelett for eksempel. Men bruker det som et alternativ til pepper på det meste. Folk må få øynene opp for Karri! 😀

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