Things I love Tuesday (Illustration and paper crafts)

This week it is mostly illustration links. I went through my old bookmarks, and I found a tons of websites I hadn’t visited in years. Half of them were dead links, one fourth seemed a bit dated, but the last 25% is still going with tons of gorgeous work. Check them out!

  1. Check out This website is new and not from my long-lost archive, but I had to include it in this post. A super neat website where you can read through the entire book of bad arguments. It will tell you how to debate in a proper way. Neat text combined with awesome illustrations. Worth a visit.
  2. If you love geometrical craft projects, head over to I especially liked this free diamond template.
  3. More beautiful paper crafts from I have been following this blog for years. Simple and pretty, always inspirational.
  4. Incredible paper-cuts from I don’t get how he does it. Mind-blowing detail.
  5. Illustration work from Pretty and wonderful, light and Scandinavian.
  6. Awesome illustrations from I just want to draw, draw, draw when I look at her illustrations.
  7. Super-intricate qulling-illustrations God, how beautiful. No words. I wish that her website was better, because her work is awesome. Why do all the best artists have mediocre websites? I would love loved to see bigger pictures to really enjoy the intricate details.
  8. Paper sculptures from Neat!
  9. Gorgeous paint and line art combined from Gah. Beautiful.
  10. Geometrical illustrations from Super neat and just beautiful. I love geometric art.

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  1. Gitte says:

    Oh, so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    Reminds me of the time I stumbled across Marion Bolognesi a couple years back.

    Recently I’ve been recommended My Cardboard Life (cartoon made of cardboard, paper and other materials) and Tamara Phillips’ watercolor paintings. Love them both!

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