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Hello hello! Here are some lost pictures from the cellphone! Above, a good makeup day and a chu-hi, plum flavor.

The mikans were green back in october. Now they have turned orange, and ready to be picked and eaten. Not that I have really seen anyone pick and eat them. I wonder if it is because they grow everywhere in abundance here? Right – curry near the sumo turnament back in September. Butter chicken is never wrong.

Left; Clear autumn sunsets are always a treat to a girl used to rain, rain rain. Right – overgrown aircondition units are always a charm.

Left; high school students on the way to class. Right; tired people on the way home from work on the train.

Sushi, sushi, sushi, and a little bit of health and beauty drinks. With alcohol, of course.

Left; quick manicure. Right; more commute. The 25 min train ride feels longer when you are pushed up against the windows.

Left and right; another decent makeup day.

Left; strange but surprisingly good gyoza with blue cheese filling in Yotsuya. Right; same place in Yotsuya, the resturant was a mixture of german and chinese..? Lamb and spicy pork sausage with a Chinese style sauerkraut.

Left; the halls and corridors of some of the buildings at campus can easily be confused with a prison. Right; I caught the 120th cold of the season. Waiting for quick recovery.

Left; ramen. Nothing to call home about. Right; plastic sushi in a window in Shinjuku-sanchome.

Left; comfort food. Right; almost raw chicken liver. Pretty decent, but pretty liver-tasting as well. If you like Norwegian leverpostei, you will like this. If you don’t, you are probably best to stay away from this paticular dish. Below; a metro map of Tokyo, and the view from somewhere between Akabanebashi and Tamachi, close to Mita.

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  1. Sophie says:

    Love all your photos your posts are always such a joy to read! ♥

  2. Alice says:

    I love to travel with your pics, they are always so beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Sarah says:

    Butter chicken is always a good idea. And I miss sushi. Both raw and plastic 🙂

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I love the plastic food here. I always thought it is helpful to gaijins who do not speak Japanese as well, you can always just point to the thing you want in the window. And I like how the plastic food actually looks like the food you receive here, no fake McDonalds-pictures!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      And oh my! I just checked out your pictures from India! How amazing! I love your blog 🙂