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More lost pictures from the phone; it never ends.

Look at Snowkyo! The weather here was insane two weeks ago, I have never seen snow like that in Tokyo before. I bought a lot of food (the unhealthy stuff pictured above) and refused to leave my apartment all weekend. Blizzard bliss.

And then I went around Minato-ku to sign papers and listen to lectures. The lecture included free lunch. Lucky me.

I downloaded some new apps last week. The above pictures were just to try out a couple of settings. I don’t like the above pictures especially much, but it was fun to try some new apps none the less. Mextures, Tangent and Fragment. I love the instagram hashtags for #mextureapp #tangentapp and #fragmentapp – it reminds me of the late 90’s when people first started out doing fantasy photo edits in photoshop. Way to bring back simple overedited and playful pictures again. Lovin’ it! There are some better examples of what these apps can do in my instagram feed not posted here.

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  1. Angela says:

    And it doesn’t have to end, does it? ;D

    Haha: Snowkyo!