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Life is ridiculous and I have two hundred pictures ready to post. Brace yourselves. Above on the right, a crazy cat-lady have stuck umbrellas half way into the ground in the park near Yotsuya station so the cats have somewhere to stay dry when it is raining.

Random selection of appetizers: On the left, from Suzuden in Yotsuya, one of the oldest family run sake-bars in Tokyo still going strong. On the right, a strange place in Yotsuya I can not remember the name of, but the specialty is chinese food and sausages. A strange and plesant Chinese-German mixture of flavors.

The park near Yotsuya station and the station itself seen from the bridge overpass.

More food; the sausages I mentioned above on the left + relatively cheap set meals at Takashimaya in Shinjuku on the right. Below – Bento-boxes I bought to eat on the train from Sendai to Tokyo. Way too much food, but I could not decide and ended up buying both. On the left a seafood bento with kani, ikura, tobiko and tamago, on the right, a Sendai specialty, the cow-tongue bento. Both delicious, but I could not finish either one.

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