Fridays in Shin-Okubo and Shinjuku

I am not sure I have mentioned it or not, but a lot of the restaurants have plastic food on display in their windows.

The plastic sushi looks niiice, I almost dropped by to eat sushi before classes, but managed to contain myself.

Lots of good lunch-deals to be seen!

“Please wait”. I feel that is all I am doing these days.

Yeah baby! I could use some more glam in my life.

This is the little temple right next to my school. Apparently the god for gambling resides in this little temple. Very fitting, since there is a lot of pachinko-parlors around this area.

After school, I spent some much needed time (or at least two hours) with good friends at an izakaya nearby. Nice Friday! ♥

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  1. Nøve says:

    Fantastisk! Gleder meg så enormt. Kommer til å forspise meg på billig(!) sushi.

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