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A new term has started, and I want to do well. Pictures are funny, I feel my face looks so different on camera compared to RL, or even compared to how my face used to look in pictures just a few years ago.

The (not so) long walk to school.

I always take a back street through a little park on my way to classes so I can look at the flowers and not be run over by the cars.

I always wonder why not more people get electrocuted by all the wires hanging everywhere.

I stopped by a parking lot before school to look at the pigeons.

And then there was school. Today it was three hours of reading, and one hour of listening. Apparently I have started intermediate Japanese now, and how that happened I have no idea, because there is absolutely nothing about my Japanese which can describe it as intermediate.

The view of Shinjuku from the school’s balcony.

And then I walked home again… and now I should probably start reading through the material for tomorrow.

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  1. Abby says:

    You have such a beautiful blog! These photographs are so beautiful.

  2. Era says:

    Well, I don’t know anything about your face in RL or a few years ago, but hey, looks great to me. 😀

    Lots of nice pictures, as always! Japan looks so … summery. Perhaps I’ll bring my camera out tomorrow, and see if I can’t capture some of that winter mood!

    As for intermediate… I had three years with French, and got a final B grade. Our teacher wasn’t very good. I don’t know French. At all. I’d love to take it up again, though, perhaps take a year of studies in France. I’m sure I’d learn more in one year there than my three years from VGS. *rolls eyes*