There once was a sushi chef…

… and the sushi chef’s name was Jan. I have no idea where he went. When I lived in Norway, he would sometimes show up and work for a couple of months at my favorite sushi restaurant, make all kinds of delicious foods, and then he would disappear. And suddenly, he would be back again, maybe a year later, and I took some pictures of his food creations one afternoon. If you are ever in Norway – or somewhere else in the world (I think he travels around a bit), and meet a Norwegian sushi chef called Jan – please do go and eat his food, tell him to make you whatever he wants, and you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Hanne says:

    Yum! It looks sooo tasty and delicious! 😀

  2. Ulrikke says:

    Det ser veldig godt ut, men jeg hadde aldri turt å smake!

  3. Era says:

    I’ve had sushi once, in London. Unfortunately I’ve never been a big fan of seafood, and I’m afraid I won’t be anytime soon… Had to try it though, can’t say you don’t like it without trying!

    My biggest problem is that it LOOKS so good! I’m definately going to try it again, and probably other dishes with seafood as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll tip over sometime. Didn’t like coffee before either!

    …don’t really like coffe now either. I simply tolerate it, and it’s ability to get me through early monday lectures.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I like your attitude – you tried it and decided against it. Maybe you will like eel or a tuna steak? I don’t think those two things taste much like seafood, so maybe it is a good place to start? I think it took me three tries before I started really enjoying sushi… about 8 years ago. The first time I ate it – my thoughts were just “ok, that was just… ok”. But – after two weeks I suddenly craved it again, and I could not understand why, because I did not think it tasted that good when I ate it. This happened a couple of times, and then I was completely hooked.

  4. tippi+ella says:

    I have you to thank for introducing me to sushi! 😉
    I still don’t eat it all that often but I get a craving for it once in a while. My favourite is soft shell crab and, well, anything with salmon, so I suppose I am not yet very adventurous. Maybe you can recommend something I should try?

    • Sushi Bird says:

      That is more than adventurous enough! Soft shell crab is so yummy, I wish I could get it here. I have to find a shop that sell western-style sushi closer to my house! I love tobiko with quail-egg as well as grilled eel, as long as you do not think about it being, well, raw egg and eel involved. The taste is absolutely wonderful.

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