Things I miss a little bit right now;

Time alone in a coffee shop with pens and time to draw.

Bestis! ♥ And her coffee.

Norwegian coffee.

Open spaces with room to breathe.

Pretty cutlery, just for fun.

Fat, cute Norwegian pigeons trying to stay warm.

Going to the aquarium and take pictures of the various underwater creatures.

I am still really happy where I am though, most of all I just wish I had a little more time, just a little more time to experience everything around me, a little more time to waste, a little more time to appreciate everything I’ve got. I don’t think I have been bored in over 10 years, there is still so much to see, do and love.

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  1. aawwhh, I remember that cafè 🙂 Had a couple of coffees there :3

  2. Maria says:

    Are you from Norway? I am, and every time I see your pictures I really want to go to Japan… I will some day!

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