Things I love Tuesday;

Here are a tiny tidbit of amazing things I have found around the internet lately. This weeks links are mostly documentary and/or science-based, but a couple of self-help and coffee-links are also included. Enjoy!

  1. Incredibly entertaining documentary called “I Won University Challenge“. Smart people who have won the UK game show University Challenge. A collection of very special individuals.
  2. TED-talk: “Hans Rosling had a question: Do some religions have a higher birth rate than others — and how does this affect global population growth?”
  3. OMG! BBC put out the entire series “Life of birds” in 10 parts with commentary by David Attenborough on Youtube. Bliss!
  4. The Cannibal That Walked Free” Documentary about the Japanese cannibal Sagawa Issei. Worth the watch if you can stomach it.
  5. 日本に住んでいる人: The Norwegian coffee shop Fuglen has opened up in Shibuya, Tokyo! I am heading there sometime this week to check it out. I hope the coffee is the same standard as they serve in Norway.
  6. Since we are on the topic of coffee – coffee drinkers might live longer.
  7. “Starting interesting things is a worthwhile trait, but perhaps a more important one is finishing those things.” Scott H. Young wrote about “Just finish it.”
  8. Short and sweet on wikipedia about Japanese aizuchi, the frequent interjections during a conversation that indicate the listener is paying attention.
  9. 30 things to start and stop doing to yourself.
  10. Ukens norske lenke: “Mytene om Japan” – bra artikkel om Japan i Aftenposten Innsikt.

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  1. teresa says:

    a few weeks ago, a student of mine showed me some of the photos sagawa issei took to document the murder, but after having seen them, i don’t think i could deal with a video, hehe.

    such a great set of links! i look forward to watching the bird doc! and i’m loving your recent photography posts — so beautiful!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Oh god, I am not sure I would want to see those photographs ever. The documentary was not that graphic, but just seeing the interviews gave me a the chills.

      The bird documentaries are absolutely gorgeous. I am generally not a huge huge fan of nature documentaries, but this series was just completely stunning.

  2. 松本千京 says:


  3. three_nipples says:

    I am sure the Fuglen concept will work wonderfully in Japan. I go there every once in a while and feel my muscles unknit…

    I had the privilege of seeing Hans Rossling live onstage a year ago. It was one of the most interesting/ hilarious lectures I’ve seen in my life. the guy is a mad genius!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      You always amaze me! You have seen Rossling live! Where in the world did you listen to his lecture? And completely unrelated – are you planning on going on a trip/returning to China/Taiwan in the future?

  4. Emelie says:

    Åh, ett norsk café, måste besökas 🙂 du vill inte gå dit tillsammans? 🙂

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Ja! Jeg vil veldig gjerne gå dit! Jeg har ikke rukket å fått besøkt Fuglen enda, men håper jeg skal få tid i løpet av uken. Jeg må bare finne adressen på googlemaps først – jeg pleier ikke dra til Shibuya så ofte.

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