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There was quite a big aftershock two days ago. I can never really wrap my head around what to call and aftershock and what is just an earthquake – it is all connected somehow, and obviously a shock that comes after the other one is an aftershock. I was walking outside, on my way home with my belly full of sushi and sake (well, only three cups of sake), and I was listening to my iPod, before I started hearing this rattling sound. The wind is always super-strong in Tokyo during spring, so I assumed it was the wind, before I started feeling a little bit dizzy. I thought to myself that I could not have drunk enough to actually get very intoxicated, so I stopped the iPod, and then I realized that all the wires and signs are swinging, and all the rattling noises were from the store fronts that had been pulled down for the evening. However – being outside – I hardly felt the shake at all, it is funny how much difference your location makes. I am sure if I had been inside I would have felt it much stronger.

I haven’t had much time for the blog over the past couple of days, but now it is Saturday, it is raining, and I have grandiose plans of getting all my Japanese homework done, and update the blog with lots of new things. I have lots of pictures and things on my mind and lots of links to share, so hopefully I will have time to plot everything down. Hope you are having an amazing weekend!

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