Things I will do once I finish these exams;

learn at least 3 Japanese karaoke songs by heart just so I can charm the old ladies at the neighborhood bar the next time I go there. finally write a real letter on paper paint pictures on big canvases in my underwear while listening to Gene Pitney on repeat pretend I am a tourist even though I live here and take the train to random places in Tokyo and be amazed answer all of the absolutely wonderful comments I have gotten here on the blog lately make a decent dinner for my sweetheart from scratch drink wine in the morning just because I can spend lots of time in the bed and thinking about how beautiful people look when they sleep draw draw draw draw draw plan amazing photo shoots for the fall (and maybe, just maybe getting a little bit more serious about taking pictures again, who knows) make a list over what is important in my life, and by that find out all the things which are not important and I can be without sort all the files on my BFF-Mac and have it in immaculate state take pictures of all the the-palm-of-my-hand-size-butterflies that are fluttering around in the park down the street

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