Michal Negrin

A quick inspiration post! After I redesigned the website, I realized that all of the mish-mash on the top sort of reminded me of my favorite jewelry designer, Michal Negrin. If I ever were to start my own jewelry business, it would definitely be in this style. I love all the little details and trinkets! I own a couple of pieces, but they are not here with me in Japan, so I couldn’t take pictures of the pieces I own. However – it is all faux jewelry, but the quality is really good and long lasting.

// & I am going on a trip today, so no new posts until tomorrow night! Have a lovely weekend darlings!

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  1. Rorro says:

    I remember her shops, they where really nice and beautiful!! are you from israel??
    I will go to japan some day soon(10 months ><) to see my bf… and your blog is perfect!! super nice … I will keep looking ^^

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I love the shops! I think the first one I saw was in Vegas or California, and after that I have seen a couple around Tokyo and some in the south of Europe as well. I love how cute everything is in those shops 🙂

      (& I am not from Israel, I am from northern Europe 🙂 )

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