New comment form!

I made a new comment  form! And it even works! I wrote earlier about the beautiful web forms I have seen lately, so I wanted to make my own. I still have to fix the submit-button and style it up,  but at least the plundering with the form itself is done.

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  1. Awww! I should have a form like this on my blog, so maybe my readers would comment every once in a while, haha. It’s super cute (and motivating, as I just .had. to comment here, so I could use the form).

    • Sushi Bird says:

      God, I would help you set it up if I had any clue what so ever about making themes for blogspot-blogs, which I don’t. I don’t understand how people make themes for blogspot or, it seems so complicated! I am actually worried that people might find the form confusing…? Especially people who do not comment that much in the first place. *crosses fingers and hopes for the best*

      • Haha, I am nearly illiterate when it comes to html or css, so I’ve sworn my allegiance to the premade layouts of blogspot. I’ve tried to fix a few things using html, but it’s a mess.

        Crossing my fingers, hoping that your readers won’t bee intimidated by the new form though! 🙂

        • Sushi Bird says:

          I just don’t think blogspot and has a very user-friendy way to fix themes. I think wordpress and tumblr absolutely rule when it comes to customizing blogs. That being said, I have never really tried to edit blogspot-templates before though, I gave up before I even started.

  2. Samhain Moon says:

    Damn this is cool! I’m almost intimidated to use it.

    LoveloveLOVE it!

  3. Guro says:

    Altså, jeg bare elsker designet ditt. Jeg tror det er det fineste designet jeg har sett på en blogg/personlig hjemmeside noen gang. Nydelig, er det!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Tusen takk skal du ha! Jeg går så fort lei av deisign og sånn, men kanskje jeg klarer å holde meg til dette en stund i alle fall. Jeg har tenkt i over et halvt år at jeg må få satt sammen en ordentlig portfolio, men jeg har ikke fått tid til det enda. Fra høsten har jeg dog mer ledig tid, så da skal det bli fart i sakene!

  4. Nøve says:

    Ååå, så fint! Blir i skikkelig godt humør av å kommentere her.

  5. omg, this is awesome! I want one toooooo!

  6. Binka says:

    Wow! Kjempefint! Nå ble jeg inspirert til å gjøre noe lignende! 😀

  7. Maria says:

    FANTASTIC! Really, it’s gorgeous. I don’t suppose you could write a post on how you did it, or link to some good tutorials? 🙂

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I didn’t use any tutorials, but I can try to write up a description about how to position the images and the fields in the form. It is more a description than a tutorial though, since every blog is different, but I will try to get around to write down the basic html and css. The basic html and css for this envelope-style form wasn’t hard to put in place at all, the hard part was to not mess up the actual form (to keep it in working order. The best tips for this is to not remove any code you have no idea what is. Leave it there.) I will add it to my list of posts I should write, coming up as soon as I have time 🙂

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