Things I love Tuesday;

  1. What will I talk about when my language level is so basic? Benny the Irish polyglot have some interesting things to say about this.
  2. If I ever feel a bit lost on the internet, I pop over to Zefrank and play with the little games. So much fun, and slightly useless, but none the less, very fun, eh… stuff!
  3. Gunvor makes really nice monster zines!
  4. From the weekly wiki-binge-pile: In geography, the antipodes of any place on Earth is the point on the Earth’s surface which is diametrically opposite to it.
  5. Back in November, Gala Darling wrote about how to get calm in a world full of crazy.
  6. More from the weekly-wiki-binge: Japanese Career Woman. Made me smile.
  7. Kojima Mayumi’s songs over at grooveshark. Funky stuff!
  8. Youtube video about Canada’s polymer notes. That is high-tech money right there.
  9. Cats and the internet. Pusheen the cat is adorable.
  10. And once you are overwhelmed with internet surfing, you can always go to the quiet place.

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