Gunvor R. Illustrasjon

My friend Gunvor just opened up her new gallery at Bryggen in Bergen a couple of weeks back, so I decided to go down there and take some pictures. You should all go visit her gallery and buy all of her amazing illustrations. Just follow the white rabbit which is located right outside the gallery door.

Gunvor is the queen of small rude monsters and drunk ladies.

Old-school serving-tray with buttons, candy and cards. I just want to eat it all up, including the illustrations.

Monsters and cookies and women in jars! How cool isn’t that?

Apart from the illustrations up on the walls, there are also catalogs with lots of other drawings, so make sure you look through the catalog when you visit as well.

And I laughed myself silly over this zine. Not to mention, a suitcase with glowing flowers! Just because. This little room will make you smile!

So! Go visit Gunvor! Her opening hours: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11-16. The address is Jacobsfjorden, Bryggen Bergen. (Up the stairs over Café Sakristiet). Gunvor also has a website, a blog, and an online shop for those of you who can not visit her gallery in person.

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  1. Leelah says:

    Your friend’s work is so light hearted and fun! I loved the Lewis Caroll undertones, and the beauty with which she depicts her kooky characters.

    I will follow her blog from now on!

    [It has been a while since I stopped by here too, I hope you’re well!]

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Hello! Long time – no see! I hope you are doing well as well? (I have been preoccupied with exams, but now it is summer and I have time to blog again!)

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