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  1. Era says:

    I’ve been nominated for an exchange to Japan (Osaka) for Fall 2014! The host university still has to accept the application, but I’m told not to worry.

    How annoyed will you be if I pepper you with random questions for the next few months?

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Hey! For some reason I never saw this comment, and I am sorry about that. I tried looking at your blog, but you have comments disabled. You are in Japan now, right?

      • Era says:

        Oh god my blog. I didn’t realise how much spare time I used to have until I moved to Japan.

        And yeah! No worries. I’m all settled in, living it up in Osaka 🙂 you still in Tokyo?

        Btw you can email me if that’s easier. Or do you use Line? Hadn’t even heard about it before I came here.

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