Purikura and a million snapshots of food and drinks.

And now for something completely different! Friends came to visit back in April, and I got to do all of those things it is difficult to fit into my regular workday, like taking purikura pictures and escaping on small trips to Oedo Onsen, Shimoda in Izu and a visiting a gazillion restaurants snapping one hundred and ten pictures of my food. Wait, the last part I do on a regular basis anyway. I am sure the picture above will come back to haunt all of us in it in a couple of years from now, but who can really hate on good, clean fun? Baby Girls and Love can never be wrong. Errr…

Yotsuya, not far from my favorite sake-bar in all of Tokyo. I can’t take pictures inside the bar because they are quite adamant about not having any of their customers in pictures, and it is packed there all the time. If you are ever in Yotsuya, check out Suzuden, a sake bar open from around 18:00 – 21:00 on weekdays. // On the right, the entrance to Oedo Onsen i Odaiba. This is where you go with your friends to get naked, get massages, walk around in a yukata and eat and drink and forget about how you have to go back to work the next day.

Left: Fuglen, Tokyo. The Norwegian bar in Shibuya-ku. Delicious coffee and cocktails. Right: Gorilla Bar; equally delicious cocktails in Shin-Nakano, and a bit cheaper than Fuglen. Totally worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. Fancy furniture and nice staff waiting to serve up whatever you want.

Left: Tender cocktail bar in Ginza. Old-school, classic cocktails. Staff is wearing white suits and they are very serious about their work. Expensive, but delicious, especially if you are into classic coctails. The green one is an original one, made from green tea, japanese sake, and with a sakura blossom at the bottom of the glass. Lovely. // Right: Sashimi in… Shimbashi or Shiodome. Quite decent for the price of around 2000 yen, but nothing to call home about.

Above: wild sausage and delicious cocktails at Bar Mixology in Akasaka. This is in many ways the opposite of the Tender bar in Ginza – Bar Mixology are super-modern, and you can drink delicious things like blue cheese martini or foie gras infused vodka. If you only want to go to one half-fancy bar in Tokyo, go here. The staff is super nice, the drinks are innovative and the food is very decent for being bar-food.

Sushi-ro kaiten sushi is a chain with several shops around Tokyo. Super-super-cheap, with a lot of strange stuff on the menu. 1 plate is 100 yen, and compared to the price the quality is actually quite decent. For their original plates, you can try the beef-nigiri, or the eggplant-mustard-nigiri. And who can forget cured ham and onion nigiri? Pretty fun! There is always a long lineup at these resturants, but it is worth the wait if you want to eat yourself silly on cheap kaiten-sushi.

Above is something very different, a picture from Chez Matsuo, a Michelin-star restaurant we went to for lunch. I will post more pictures from Chez Matsuo in a separate post. It has been years since I could enjoy a Michelin-star restaurant, it was nice to be able to go to this sort of venue again. // Right: Magnolias from Sendai.

Above; Tacos from one of my favorite resturants in Daikanyama – Hacienda Del Cielo. Super good (and quite cheap) Mexican food that you can enjoy on a rooftop in Daikanyama. All little plates of food are 500 yen, and they serve up sangria in mugs bigger than your head. Compared to the price, this place is just awesome.

Fancy Sauce. Came with my pizza. Because I am fancy like this.

More food and drinks from Bar Mixology, Akasaka.

The best freaking blue cheese martini ever at Bar Mixology.

Random kaiten sushi at the top of Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. If you order directly from the chef here, the food is actually quite decent, but stay away from the sad pieces that rolls around on the sushi-band going around.

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      Jeg tror jeg er avhengig av å spise ute. Herrefred. Stakkars lommeboken, men magen klager ikke 😉

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    Når skal vi gjøre dette igjen? <3

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