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大相撲 // Sumo

I had the opportunity to go to sumo again a couple of weeks ago. The sumo tournaments happen a couple of times a year in Tokyo, and last for 2 weeks each time. I first went maybe five years ago mostly because I wanted to experience something “Japanese”, little did I know that I ended up really enjoying it. There are tons of fights, they are fast paced and it is incredibly entertaining. This time around I was very lucky, a friend of mine managed to get excellent seats, and we were sitting all the way down in the front. That was a new experience for me, seeing all the facial expressions and muscle movement of the wrestlers. I don’t know how it works other places in Japan, but in Tokyo you can show up early the same morning as you want to go, and they always sell some cheap “nosebleed seat” tickets if you don’t want to spend a fortune for a ticket.

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