Ok ok ok. So I am a little bit behind these days. Behind on my homework, behind on the housework, behind on planning my future. I will just take a deep breath though, and trying to convince myself that I am in fact – not drowning, I am just hibernating a little bit inside my head, and hopefully all of my thoughts will come out and manifest themselves as well planned actions within the next couple of weeks.

Are you good at living in the moment?

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  1. Amelie says:

    Did you take these? Beautiful!

  2. Angélica says:

    Wow I love the pictures, are these taken underwater? How have you done that? 😮 (yeah with a camera ofcourse haha, but do you have a special body for that or something?) Anyway, it’s pretty 🙂 And I really enjoy your blog! I comment mostly via LJ, though.