My 2010 – September

I found more small shrines and temples in my neighborhood.

I have a fear of hairdressers, but I booked an apointment all by myself, and went there all by myself, and I was incredibly happy with the result. I am not sure if it is me or my hair, but Japan + my hair = disaster zone. It turns flat and fine and looks incredibly unhealthy. The cut did not make it perfect, but it looked a lot better.

And then I got a new BFF. We are still BFF. Pretty little thing.

I remembered that I had brought my old shoes with me to Japan, so I took the out of the closet. I still haven’t worn them much.

More pictures of the haircut.

I went to a hakubutsukan with my Japanese class.

They had gorgeous clothes and pretty games.

They showed the entire process of wood-block printing, the details were amazing.

Afterwards we went to a smaller sumo-hakubutsukan. These three were my favorite mawashi.

And then it was moving time. Good bye old apartment.

Bye bye Okubo.

And as any girl with a newly obtained MacBookPro – I had to take pictures of myself in the photo booth application.

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