Random days, random pictures;

I’m magic – I made food! My endeavors with cooking continue. I still do not enjoy it. I was scared of the flaming heat from the stove and tried to stand as far away as possible when mixing the vegetables. I think it turned out okay, and did not taste only of blood, sweat and tears, but also vegetables and soy sauce.

One day I think I will go out and just take pictures of all the mascots I can find in about one hour around Shinjuku and Shin-Okubo. Funny how they have cute mascots of pigs and chickens at a place which well, fries them up and them serves them on a plate to you. It reminds me of the fish market in Norway, where they had a cute little drawing of a whale with the cute text underneath “We have whale!”

After cooking dinner the previous night, it was time to have someone else do the hard work. Waiting at the station to go out for dinner the next day…

I found a palm tree while walking to school! And on the right – waiting for dinner to be served at the izakaya we went to. Ah, Fridays! ♥

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  1. Asagohan says:



    • Sushi Bird says:

      はい、私はノルウェーから来ました。 多分。。。同じ町だと思います! 一年間ぐらい日本に住んでいて、半年ぐらい日本語を勉強していますが、私の学校は大学じゃありません。日本語の学校だけです。あぁ。。。「http://www.renshuu.org」と「http://lang-8.com」知っていますか。私は時々そのウェブページで日本語を書きますが、最近はちょっと忙し過ぎるから、あまり書きませんでした。

  2. Milla says:

    palm trees ♥

    / thank you so much, we all have roots, we just have to look very hard to find them 😉

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