Link Drop // Wall stickers

(These were made as a wall sticker set a couple of years ago, I thought they would look nice in a big white room with minimal furniture.)

  1. Wikipedia’s article about sushi. This is a really nice article about sushi and sashimi. A lot of people think that sushi is the same as raw fish, but in fact sushi is the rice, and not the fish. This article about sushi is good reading if you want to know more about different kinds of sushi.
  2. The Beauty Of Typography: Writing Systems And Calligraphy Of The World. This is a Smashing Magazine article about different exotic writing systems, mainly focusing on Eastern Asian Languages and Arabic writing systems. I learned a lot about how Arabic is written from this article, and the illustrations are beautiful. It almost made me want to learn Arabic, just to draw those beautiful letters.
  3. Kari Bremnes lyrics. Kari Bremnes is my all time favorite artist. A lot of people just quote “Åpen Post” (Norwegian TV show that made a joke about her name) or mistake her for other people (why do people think she is Lynni Treekrem, there is nothing similar about them apart from having a northern dialect). If you have actually listened to any of her songs, you will find a beautiful melancholic and poetic voice. She is absolutely wonderful, and I found out that there is a part of her web page which has lyrics for most of her albums, and it made me so happy. I have been humming to myself all day, even if I can not sing, because her words are so beautiful.
  4. Sinhala script. God, it looks beautiful. I first saw it in a bible in a hotel room in Yokohama last summer, and I wanted to find out more about it, so I found some beautiful examples doing a google image search.
  5. Regarding language studies, lang-8 is absolutely awesome. You write a diary entry in whatever language you are studying, mark what language it is (by choosing from a drop down list), and then native people will correct your diary entry for you. In return, you can correct journal entries written in your naive language. I have found a lot of cool people learning Norwegian and English, and there have been so many kind people correcting my Japanese on this site. No matter what language you are studying, this web page is a great resource.

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