Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg – Je T’aime

When I was a kid, I think this was the first song I absolutely fell in love with. I remember my mother mentioning something to me that the song was not suited for kids (probably because of the huffing and puffing and sexual connotations), but I did not understand French and I just loved the melody, and I would jump over to the radio and just sit there and listen to the song intensely whenever it came on. Obviously, the song did not come on very often, being late 80’s / early 90’s, and the song was an oldie by that time. In order to ble able to listen to the song whenever I wanted, I transcribed it for piano. Actually, transcribed is not the right word, I played it over and over again on the piano until I got it right, but I did not transcribe it until quite a few years later when I could actually get the concept sheet music well enough to write it down. I had no idea who made the song or where it was from even when I finally transcribed it, but I eventually figured it out. Knowing where it was from did not help me much in obtaining it though, this was before youtube, before piratebay, before limewire and even before napster and before I would spend any pocket money I had on a CD. I bet I will turn into this grumpy granny at one point in my life, where I will sit in my chair and smoke cigarettes with a long mouthpiece and say things like “I am telling you kids of today – you’ve got it easy! You can just do an internet search and check spotify or youtube or an internet-savy friend, and you will get your fix. Oh no, it was different when I was a youngster…” Good lord, I should stop rambeling and get ready for my day now. Good Friday to you!

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