I have been woken up 3 days in a row with earthquakes as a make-shift alarm clock. It is funny how you almost get used to the unusual. In other news, Nakano-ku is beautiful this time of year! Even though I live here, I rarely walk around Nakano. I guess since Shinjuku is so close, I always tend to go to Shinjuku instead of walking around my neighborhood.

I love all of the cute small streets filled with stores and whatnot.

Beautiful sunset! I want to buy sakura like that myself and decorate the rooms, but I am not sure if they still sell them. Everything in Japan is so incredibly seasonal, they will have something for sale for two weeks, and then the “season” is over, and it will not be for sale until next year.

And then I bought these, aren’t they pretty?

Coffee shop table lined up with stuff for the perfect afternoon coffee.

Apart from the coffee. I miss good coffee like crazy. The coffee from most chains in Japan taste like overheated milk and sour espresso. They also do not even make the coffee themselves, they just put the cup under the machine and push a button. This happens in both ChocoCro and Dotour. Starbucks actually make the coffee, but they still overheat the milk. Mah, I shouldn’t complain at all, it was a beautiful day and I am just spoiled when I demand better coffee.

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