Five years ago…

… it was 2006. I took pictures of Madeleine for fun.

… and was highly fascinated with the grain in magazines, snapping pictures of pictures.

… I loved lace and sparkly shoes. It is painful to look at outfit photos from this time. Glad to have grown up since then.

… The sun was actually shining a lot in May.

I must have eaten sushi at least one time.

And I must have had apple juice at a cafe which no longer exist.

And I was organsing huge piles of cheap photo prints to use as reference, now I think about how I could better have spent my money.

I spent a lot of time in coffee shops, drinking sparkling water and writing down random notes in notebooks.

… I lived dirt-cheap, but ate at expensive restaurants.

I also had grand meals at home.

I think this is the first time in my life I have actually started to look through the bottomless pit of photos in my archive. It is funny just how much is completely forgotten, maybe it is mostly for the best. Most of these pictures were taken with an old compact camera, it was my dear baby for several years, if I ever come across the same camera again, I would buy it in a second, despite it’s 3mpx and slow reaction time.

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