5 years ago it was 2006, it was the year that…

… I still wore clothes that wasn’t black black black. I guess I went a bit overboard at times, but dressing up like you were going on stage every other day really gave me a boost! Looking at the picture I guess I get the same associations as everyone else get looking at old picture, a lovely mixture of embarrassment and tardy proudness. Kind of like “Wow, I can not believe I wore that. I can not believe I dared to wear something like that.” This kind of clothing style is not for me anymore, but I did enjoy finding these pictures.

…the weather was crazy. It was rainy and sunny and rainy and I caught a cold laying around in the damp grass taking pictures of water drops.

… I found bugs everywhere. Bumblebees, spiders, all kinds of insects. Snails and worms as well. I don’t think I have ever taken as many pictures of bumblebees in my entire life before or since. I think I did the whole spider-glass-paper-trick to toss the poor buggers out alive at least 30 times that summer.

… I felt childish and spent a couple of hours spying on random people. Good old fashion dress-up in a detective-like coat (bought secondhand and in remarkable condition still), equipped with a black moleskine notebook, and then.. tamtamtam… follow a random stranger around town for 30 min or so, plotting down what they were doing, taking pictures through the bushes. I thought it would be a remarkable experience, but I quickly I came to the conclusion that other people’s life were not as exciting as my own, and retreated to the coffee shop to draw in my moleskine instead of taking notes about strangers. It was probably the year where I first got back into drawing on a more serious level.

… and last, but not least, a lot of picnics in the park. Those crappy, 1-time-barbecue-tinfoil-monstrosities that I could never figure out how to use properly, overcooked sausages which tasted perfect in the sunset, strong wind and smokey eyes and wine with screw-caps. Nice June.

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  1. bruce says:

    I have always loved who you are; then and now.

  2. Joseph says:

    love the photos. Always have and always will. The last one is cool

  3. Your colorful outfits look terrific!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Thanks, however – it is not my style anymore, maybe I finally grew up a little bit clothing wise… I am all for being unique, but I think you need the right kind of self-confidence to go with the look, you know? 😉

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