Mobile pics photo dump 3

Another random post with some snapshots from the phone. I loooove the sunsets I can see from the balcony lately.

& this is the very delicious sushi we ate a little while ago. When you bite into the ebi, their tails would twitch. I thought – wow – that must be really fresh ebi, before I noticed a little pool right next to the sushi-chef. Happy ebi swimming and alive, until they are ordered, that is.

I think this picture must have been on my phone forever, looking at the thick clothing. Now it is posted and out of my mind, ladida.

And this is the Yamanote-line just leaving Shinjuku station, heading for Shin-Okubo. I love standing in front of the train and looking at the train tracks, so whenever there are few enough people on the train, I sneak a little peak through the drivers window.

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  1. Twitching ebi? That must have freaked you out the first time that happened! What did you do, spit it out? If only you could find seafood that fresh everywhere

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Of course I did not spit it out, it was delicious. It was only the tail that was twitching after I had already eaten the body. It was probably just some nerve endings that were still working, the ebi couldn’t have bene alive after the head was removed and the body was eaten.

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