Banana Parfait and too much to do.

I have about 10 entries lined up and good to go, but pushing the publish button seems like a big task at the moment, so sorry for a little bit of delay in the entries around here. I have been keeping pretty busy, with the trip to Shimoda (with onsen-goodness, pictures to follow), returning to take the JLPT (which I have no idea how went, I don’t even have a stomach feeling for it), signed up for the cute Hello Sandwich workshop and made some notebooks (it was so nice to make something with my hands again)! Apart from this, I will most likely be doing some speaking regarding language learning at a Japanese university, I made business cards (pictures will come!) and I am also planning a trip to Norway (anyone in Oslo or Bergen who want to say hello?), so getting the tickets booked and in order was quite the hassle this time around. I needed to know when I could return to Japan, which was depending on the things and deadlines in Norway, and getting the right information from the right people certainly took a while. All is well in Lala-land now though, I got the dates I needed to proceed to buy my plane tickets. But then – tamtamtam – I searched around (the internet and a travel agent) for cheap airplane tickets – and oh my god – what prices! They seemed to had doubled since the last time I flew to Norway (which is well over a year ago, but still)! But, I got by with a little help from my friends, and now I seem to have found a cheaper ticket, however it requires a stopover in Russia, and I do not have a visa. This should still be ok, as long as I do not leave the airport while in Russia. Ah, this is probably the most jumbled entry ever, sorry for that, my head is in overdrive and I just have to finish all of this organizing. Have a good one!

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  1. Maria says:

    Jaaa, kom til Oslo! 🙂

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Om alt går etter planen så kommer jeg til Oslo en tur! Det blir kjekt med ferie og få sett venner og kjente igjen 😀

  2. Nipple_salad says:

    Når? 🙂

    Hilsen Oslo (niplesalaten på LJ)

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Jeg er ikke helt sikker enda, men om ting går etter planen er jeg i Oslo fra 5. til 13. august! Om du er i byen må vi få til en kaffe! 🙂 Norsken min er kraftig redusert etter å ikke ha snakket spesielt mye norsk på noen år, det er merkelig hvordan ordene forsvinner om man ikke bruker dem, men det går seg nok fort til igjen!

  3. Harald says:

    Og når er du i Bergen? Hadde vært hyggelig med en kaffe eller noe!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Jeg er ikke helt sikker enda, men når jeg er i Bergen sender jeg definitivt en melding. (Det må bli via internett, jeg har ikke noe norsk nummer som fungerer, tror jeg.)

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