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Here are some pictures from our hotel room! When I wanted to go on holiday, I said I wanted a Japanese-style room, and while most places were western resort style, we did find a pretty little hotel with Japanese-style rooms. The room was quite spacious for being in Japan, and in the picture above you can see the private onsen. It was really nice, super-warm water, beautiful clean smell from the water, and it made your skin fabulously smooth!

At night, they had the cutest little outdoor starry light. Midnight bathing is something I can defiantly recommend, sitting in super-warm water and drinking cocktails.

At night, they moved the table over, and put out the futons right next to it. I feel asleep to a nice smell of tatami.

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  1. Så fint! OG herlig med hvordan lyset kommer inn med den veggen der 🙂

    Ny følger btw 🙂 Liker bloggen din veldig godt.

  2. Hanne says:

    Ser helt herlig ut! Misunnelig altså!:)Ingenting er som å sitte i en varm onsen eller ofuro om kvelden med noe godt å drikke:) Fin blogg du har og forresten. Kommer nok ofte tilbake:)

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Det var utrolig deilig å komme seg bort litt, selv om det bare var for en halv dag! Takk for kompliment om bloggen, jeg synes bloggen din er kjempefin, du har så god smak!

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