Trip to Shimoda

Here are some of the pictures of the trip to Shimoda last weekend! We bought a pretty bento at Shinagawa station before jumping onto the train.

The place we were going to was about 4 hours away from Tokyo, so that meant plenty of time spent on a train, looking out the window and reading books. I love these little capsules where you do not have other distractions, all you are suppose to do is to sit back and be where you are.

And this is Shimoda! It was quite rural compared to Tokyo, and the nature was beautiful! Plus, I have a special place in my heart for palm trees, and there were lots of them here. I think it is because the place I grew up was too cold for palm trees, so now, whenever I see a palm tree, I clap my hands together and smile and associate them with holidays and exotic places.

All stacked up with alcoholic beverages!

Our hotel was right next to the beach, and I love these only-open-in-summer shops on the beach.

I did a little walk on my own down at the beach, and there were so many beautiful textures and details. In a dumster near by there were baby birds nesting, but I didn’t dare to go close enough and maybe scare them, so they are not visible in the picture.

Stay tuned for pictures of the hotel room, including a private onsen bath!


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  1. Samhain Moon says:

    Trains provide good time to get thoughts organized and creative juices flowing. Some of my best ideas have come from bus and plane rides.

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