Link love

Some great things I have found on the internet lately. Yes, I still read, I have just been a bit preoccupied and busy, but I am trying to get into a good rhythm of blogging again. We’ll see how it goes. These past weeks I have been really passive, reading and reading, but not posting that much myself. Here are some of the things I have read:

  1. The Skill of Trying Your Best by Scott H. Young. Are you really trying your best, or are just making excuses for yourself?
  2. The Learning Secrets of Polyglots and Savants – basically how smart people think and learn.
  3. Don’t fear the internet! A great collection of videos explaining web design to designers who know nothing about webdesign.
  4. Not sure how to describe this one with one line – but basically – it is average faces from countries around the world. If you add up a lot of full frontal pictures of say, a Japanese, in a stack, and you make one pictures from all the pictures, you will end up with a very “typical” face for that country or region, and basically, that is what this webpage is about. Make sure to click “read the rest of this entry” to see all the faces.
  5. I never ever get tired of Hubble Wallpapers.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Gitte says:

    Tusen takk for mange fine linker nok en gang!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Ikke noe problem, jeg blir så glad hver gang jeg finner spennende lenkesamlinger hos andre, så da må jeg jo bare dele selv også, kanskje noen finner noen skjulte skatter de ikke har sett før?

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